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The Universi-TEA by Spirituali-TEA

Launch into your God-given calling with confidence and unshakable boldness in less than a year

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Discovering your unique gifts is just the beginning. Ready to amplify and monetize them in a way that resonates with the Kingdom's principles?

Have you thought “There has to be more for me. I’m not experiencing the fruit and abundance God has promised.”

Feeling like you haven’t experienced a true relationship with God? Struggling to hear His voice or uncertain if it even is His?

Have you identified your gifts and talents, but don’t know how to monetize them in a God honoring way?

Have you identified your purpose but have no idea what to do next?

Did you start a business or nonprofit, but now realize you need to pivot and don’t know where to start? 

Are you feeling convicted that you’re not doing business “God’s way,” strayed from the original vision, or even about how you’re making money?

If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time to finish what God started in you and move BOLDLY into your next steps. It’s time to take back your power and authority and launch with confidence.

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But how? Listennnn, I got you!

The Universi-TEA, an 8-month school and all-in-one hub to help you push through your barriers and live the life you were born to live. It’s a place of impact and transformation where you come in one way but leave completely different.

The Universi-TEA tackles the three areas we are called to grow in: Your Relationship with God, Your Purpose Activation, and the Kingdom Work you were made to do.

This Is For You If:

You are ready to decide to go all the way in your spiritual/faith journey

You’re tired of living the life you currently live because you know THERE IS MORE

You want to FULLY step into who God has called you to be

You’ve identified your purpose and you know what God has called you to do but it hasn’t been ACTIVATED or LAUNCHED

You started walking in your purpose and stopped because it became too hard (especially fear, doubt, procrastination, lack of resources, experienced warfare)


Feel like you need to get back to the foundational pieces and vision that God gave you

You’re ready to launch the idea, business, program that God placed in you with help and support

You’ve made it this far but know that what got you HERE won’t get you THERE (next level)


In 8 Months, You’ll:

Develop a relationship with God and prayer life that thrives

Experience consistent clarity and leave confusion/uncertainty behind

Activate your purpose and move into your calling with confidence

Develop unshakable boldness to launch into all that God has for

Release products, services, and programs that God has given you in dreams/visions/ideas

Operate your kingdom business/nonprofit in way that honors God

Understand your identity in Christ and assignment in ministry and the marketplace

Each Program Track Provides A Customized Curriculum To Catapult Your Journey And…

Relationship Track

Understand the foundation of a good relationship with God

Learn prayer strategies and how do you hear from God

Learn strategies to increase your confidence and faith

Develop a plan for - fasting, study, worship, prayer, and spiritual warfare

and so much more!

Purpose Track

Understand the foundations of purpose

Learn how to identify, activate, and launch purpose

Learn how-to walk-in boldness, obedience and consistency

Learn to bring your vision to life with strategies for provision, and support

and much more!

All by following the F.I.V.E.S. framework that will launch you into allllll that God has called you to do.

Kingdom Track

Understand the principles of a kingdom business

Learn strategies to clarify/reevaluate your vision and goals

Activate clarity and strategy to ensure alignment with the kingdom

Build a realistic and effective project plan for achieving goals, understand how to scale/sustain without burnout

and so much more!

Oh there is more, The Universi-TEA includes:

3 Program Tracks:




  • 5 digital courses within each track (Value: 4,500)

  • Monthly coaching calls in each track (Value: 5,250)

  • Monthly workshops/masterclasses in each track (Value: 2,500)

  • Exclusive and private Communi-TEA platform (Value: 2,000)

  • Masterclasses taught by industry experts (Value: 4,000)

  • Practical application worksheets/workbooks (Value: 1,000)

  • Q&A sessions (Value: 2,500)

  • Open Office hours for questions, clarity, and strategy (3,500)

  • A Holy Spirit led team of coaches (Invaluable) 

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Total Value: $25,000+

Your Investment: ONLY $4,997

(Enroll today with $1,500 deposit|payment plans available)

Do you see the TRANSFORMATION that is about to happen for you? This program comes with FOUNDATION and FREEDOM!

Ready To Change Your Life? 

This program is different than any other you’ll see. Why? Because we’ll lead you through experiential exercises and application as led by Holy Spirit. You won’t find these classes, coaching techniques, or worksheets anywhere on Google because they were birthed in prayer with instruction specifically for you. 

Have questions and want to know if The Universi-TEA is right for you?

Still Not Sure? Check Out These Receipts

"My clarity session with Dr. LaTanya was so awesome! I like how she really took the time to not only listen to me, but also to the Holy Spirit for guidance as we mapped out a plan for my upcoming podcast. She gave me so many good ideas that I will be sure to implement to make not only my podcast, but my "Saved Girl Summer Inc." brand a success as a whole! If you haven't already, book your session with her NEOWWW!!!"

━ Brittany White

Podcast Strategy Session


The Visionary & Dean

Heyyyy I’m Dr. LaTanya! I have over 15 years of experience in therapy, organizational leadership, training, and implementation. My passion is to help you unlock their next level, through coaching, clarity, consulting, and mentorship. I provide clarity, strategy, and coaching to help you launch into purpose, build unshakeable boldness in your gifts, and create kingdom business to elevate your confidence to walk out your calling. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help hundreds gain clarity and strategy around their purpose, calling, and gifts. I'm an experiential coach and strategist, allowing the Holy Spirit to move through prophetic vision to thrust you into action and results. I am the Visionary behind the Spirituali-TEA, LLC, and host of Spirituali-TEA Podcast, the place to receive practical tips when you are ready to strengthen your relationship with God. Through topics, experiences, and applications, I seek to increase spiritual maturity and advance the kingdom of God.

Ready to unlock your next level?

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