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Dr. LaTanya Moore, expert coach and consultant with over a decade and a half of experience in mental health, organizational leadership, training, and implementation, is a force to be reckoned with. She is a visionary and thought leader in the faith community, known for making swift faith moves and demonstrating unwavering obedience to her calling. Dr. LaTanya has inspired countless individuals to embrace their true purpose and unlock their next level. Her thought-provoking insights and bold actions have made her a sought-after speaker, coach, and consultant in Kingdom and Corporate communities.


Dr. LaTanya’s work, whether her coaching/consulting practice or her ministry, launches you into your next level. She specializes in helping individuals and organizations level up and launch. Her business, The Dr. Moore Enterprises brings the clarity, strategy, and confidence that visionaries and builders need to accelerate their journey and navigate change/transition. She loves to guide visionaries, leaders, and Kingdom builders or CEOs who are in the “alley” or in between building phases.


She’s the visionary behind Spirituali-TEA, L.L.C., and the host of Spirituali-TEA Podcast. Dr. Moore, is committed to stirring up faith, one T.E.A. (topic. experience. application.) at a time. She seeks to enhance spiritual maturity and advance the kingdom of God through thought-provoking topics, enriching experiences, and practical applications. Through her ministry, she plans to spreads the message of a relationship with God, faith, and magnify the importance of deliverance by breaking generational patterns and cycles, often hindrances in life and business.


Her visionary mindset and unwavering dedication to helping others, truly makes her a force to be reckoned with. Dr. LaTanya’s unique perspective and innovative approach to leadership have made her an up-and-coming voice. With a deep commitment to helping others live in unwavering faith, purpose, and build unshakeable boldness in their gifts, Dr. LaTanya is a powerful motivator and source of inspiration. Her visionary mindset and unwavering dedication to serving others are the key ingredients in her recipe for success.

The moment Dr. Moore steps into a room, the atmosphere shifts. Through her profound insight and dynamic delivery, she has the unique ability to transform any space, making it ripe for growth, learning, freedom and change.




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