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K.E.Y.S. Kingdom Consulting

Divine Strategy for Faith-Based Businesses/Organization/Ministries

  • 3 hours
  • 1,623 US dollars
  • Virtual Session or In Person

Service Description

Are you feeling like your Kingdom Business, organization, or ministry isn’t growing? Like you have gotten off track with the purpose and vision for your business? Maybe you’re just getting started and want to build on a solid foundation. Need help visualizing, strategizing, and monetizing by keeping God first? If you answered YES to any of these, K.E.Y.S. Kingdom Consulting is for you? K.E.Y.S. guides you in creating divine alignment with God’s vision and mission by keeping Him first to unlock vision, strategy, and financial fruit. Can you imagine yourself with a successful Kingdom business? One where you are certain about your alignment with God, feel confident about the ideas and strategies to serve people and make money! With Kingdom consulting, you’ll have a full roadmap to millions, strategically aligned with God’s vision for success as you steward His business. Clients are guided through a 4-part series during follow up sessions: (K)now Understand what God has called you to do, who He called you, where He has called you to operate, and where you are now in the process Key Activities: • Evaluate current vision and structure • Conduct analysis on where your business/organization/ministry is now • Identification and development of target you are called to • Creation of pillars, values, and messaging (E)xecute Develop a Holy Spirit led strategy and structure, messaging/content strategy, and restructure as needed to grow and scale Key Activities: • Engage in Holy Spirit led vision mapping • Develop strategy to increase awareness, reach, and conversion of target audience • Design restructure and modifications based on vision and strategy (Y)ield Build business/organization/ministry structure and implement new strategies Key Activities: • Strategic planning and organizational development • Develop necessary policies/procedures/documents (S)ucceed Develop and execute vision roadmap Key Activities: • Develop summary of all activities • Deliver vision roadmap to millions *All key activities are subject to change based on Holy Spirit Led sessions Request booking to apply

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